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Killer QuickWin: Killer Queries

Posted on 5th March, by Jennifer Wang in Video-2.

Killer QuickWin: Killer Queries

We have a philosophy with my team that to get better answers, you need to learn to ask better questions. Too often, we’re focused on being politically correct, or we’ve forgotten how to get at the root cause, or get through barriers by asking really good questions. That’s why we developed a tool called Killer Queries and it has over 100 questions you could ask to move thinking ahead and allow people to think differently.

Let me give you examples of some of the questions. Let’s imagine a competitor question: “Who are the rock stars in your industry and what do they have that you don’t?”

Maybe it’s a management question: “Imagine you’re CEO for the day. What do you wish you could change about your employees and why?”

Or even better, let’s imagine a culture question: “Imagine that you’ve just written a tell-all book about your company. What secrets would it reveal?”

Asking better creative queries like this allows you to think differently, think better, and get at the root cause in a more unique way.

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