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Killer QuickWin: PPCO

Posted on 4th April, by Jennifer Wang in Video-2.

Killer QuickWin: PPCO

Ask yourself this question: are you open to big ideas? Most people I ask, whether it’s in executive settings or in large conferences with hundreds of people, tend to say yes.

You might be surprised that you’re more resistant to new and novel ideas than you think. It’s a natural reaction, but we use a technique called PPCO with organizations to help them get in the mindset of possibilities versus being professional skeptics. PPCO is a technique that allows you to open your mind to something that’s new and different. Here’s how it works:

“P” is Pluses: what’s good about the idea that you’re evaluating?

The next “P” is Potential: what future benefits might result if we actually did something like this?

“C” is Concerns, ideally expressed as an open-ended question: how might we solve this problem? How might we think about overcoming the challenge I see in your idea?

Finally, “O” is Overcome: what suggestions can you give to help people overcome some of the nuances in their idea and make it better?

To get your teams started on this technique, try using a hypothetical example first. For example, one thing we use in our workshops is colored tires. We ask people: would you actually produce a colored tire? Most people say they wouldn’t do it, but when we put the idea through PPCO, they start to see the potential. Colored tires could make you more visible on the road, or they could open you up to a new market that you may not have explored before. By the way, colored tires are real, did you know that? Somebody actually did it.

PPCO is a great technique that allows you to overcome your natural resistance to new ideas so that you can move forward and be more innovative. For this and other techniques, visit us at

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