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Kill the Company is much more
than exercises in a book…It’s a movement.

A movement with power to transform the negative or complacent workplace into a positive culture.

A place where innovation and creativity thrive.

This movement comes with a toolkit. Specifically, a Killer Toolkit designed to Kill the Company. This kit comes with 12 tools for identifying, confronting, and eradicating the status quo. From QuickWin videos and one-page worksheets to breakthrough exercises and futurist resources, the Killer Toolkit is your best defense against Zombies, Inc. When used fearlessly and mercilessly, it can revolutionize your business from the inside out.

Are you ready to apply the principles in Kill the Company to your own organization?

Click below to download samples of our Killer Tools. For more information, contact
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Want to start an onsite revolution? Contact us here to request details on licensing the complete Killer Toolkit* for your team or organization today.

*Toolkits start at $299 per team member for 30+ toolkits per order (volume discounts available)