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Lisa at Authors @ Wharton Speaker Series hosted by the Wharton Leadership Program.

As CEO of the training firm that offers the largest catalog of innovation research, tools, and training in the world, Lisa Bodell is a world-recognized expert in foresight and innovation. She ignites participants’ thinking with unheard-of examples and ideas and provides tactical how-to’s for igniting innovative thinking at their own organizations.

Bodell brings innovation to life. She makes people say “wow.” She proposes visionary ideas and offers trends and insights participants have never dreamed of. Above all, she makes people think. And, she leaves them with practical tools, tricks, and resources to start innovating immediately. She enables companies to better anticipate change—and capitalize on it.

Bodell provides keynotes and runs workshops at dozens of large corporate off-sites and at leading industry association events around the world. All her presentations are customized to include examples from the industry she is addressing and she brings to light the critical trends her listeners need to know. One of only a few female leaders in the field of strategic foresight and innovation, Bodell’s presentations are often the highest-rated session at the conferences in which she participates.