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Accolades for keynote speaker Lisa Bodell from corporate clients and conference organizers:

Nancy Singer, R.Ph.

Executive Director of Enterprise Learning, Merck

“The workshop sessions conducted by Lisa have transformed the way our leaders think of innovation. Lisa provides a mix of practical, easy to use tools and inspiration which has helped to create a new mindset around how to innovate in all parts of our company.”


Joe Rose

Executive Development & Leadership Solutions, Sprint Nextel Corporation

“Recipe for Innovation: Add 5 Hour Energy Drink with the stand-up timing of Ellen Degeneres, mix in a bit of your favorite professor in college and you get Lisa Bodell. She’s engaging, funny, makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room and, oh yea, you actually learn tools you can apply immediately to your situation. ”


David Owens

Director of Learning & Development, Bausch & Lomb

“Over the years, I’ve tried many innovation ‘gurus’ to educate my leadership team. Lisa is the real thing—she’s an expert who also knows how to use both presentation and learning principles to hold an audience’s attention.”


Duncan Niederauer

CEO of NYSE Euronext

“Lisa Bodell is one of the most outstanding presenters I have ever seen. She passionately delivers well articulated messages that engage the audience and encourage action on the part of the listener. Something tells me that many of her insights will become essential elements of our culture.”


Mary Fennoglio

Managing Director, Citigroup Corporate Investment Bank

“Bodell enabled my leadership team think in new ways and helped us develop winning business ideas right in the room. My team now embraces innovation rather than fearing it.”


Libby Taylor

Vice President of Event Planning, National Association of Confectionery Dealers

“Lisa Bodell is one of the most dynamic and powerful keynote speakers our association has ever had. Her delivery, style, and expert content completely energized an audience of 500 and a breakout session of 50. Across the board, she was rated among the most superior keynote speakers we’ve ever had at our annual top executives’ conference. She is incredibly successful at sizing up an audience and totally tailors her speech to address the needs and concerns of an industry.”


Bryon Myers

Vice President, eXL Pharma

“Ms. Bodell was the top presenter at our conference in terms of both content and presentation delivery. I’ve been organizing and attending events for many years and I have to say, this was the best presentation I’ve ever seen. People were inspired and couldn’t get enough of what she had to say.”


Jerry Van de Water

President, Paperboard Packaging Council

“Ms. Bodell’s session received a 3.8 out of 4 at our Annual Meeting this year: the highest rating I’ve seen for annual meeting speakers in my 30+ year tenure with the association.”