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Killer QuickWin: Forced Connections

10th April

One technique that we use with companies when they’re running out of new ideas in brainstorms is called Forced Connections. It helps you come up with more new and novel ideas around products, services, or a challenge that you have. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’re brainstorming ideas for a table and you’ve run out of steam. What we ask you to do is to find a stimulus in the room. Maybe it’s a marker, the exit sign or, in this instance, we’ll use popcorn.

Think of the characteristics that popcorn puts in your head. I’ll come up with 3 right now: let’s say popcorn is fun, it’s light, and it’s natural. What does that make you think of, related back to the table? Well, I can make a table more fun by giving it legs that stretch to outrageous lengths. … Read More »