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Killer QuickWin: Impossible to Possible

20th March

One tool that we love to use with companies that have a lot of barriers to innovation is called Impossible to Possible. Here’s how it works:

Get your teams into a room and pair them up. Have them take out a piece of paper and draw a t-chart in the middle of it. On the top left, write the word “Impossible.” On the top right, write the word “Possible.” Then, give teams either the same or different questions to start brainstorming around things that they think are impossible.

For example, maybe it’s an industry challenge—”What can we not do in our industry?” Maybe it’s an operations challenge—”What can we not do with our operations or business processes right now?” Let’s say you’re a financial services company. One of the things that you might write down as impossible is “We can’t partner with competitors for … Read More »