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Killer QuickWin: Kill a Stupid Rule

13th March

Sometimes, to be more innovative, we have to stop doing things. In fact, we have to streamline or eliminate the barriers that are holding us back from being more innovative in the first place. One technique that we use with organizations is called Kill a Stupid Rule. Here’s how it works:

Get your team into a room and ask them to brainstorm the following question: “If you could get rid of any rule, either kill it or change it, what rule would you choose and why?” Put some guardrails around the brainstorm. Designate “red rules,” those rules that cannot be touched because they are regulated by the government, or would be illegal if you changed them. Everything else is a “green rule” and it’s fair game to be changed.

After about 10 minutes of brainstorming, see what people come up with. You’ll … Read More »