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Killer QuickWin: Questions for Hiring Innovators

9th May

How can you tell when someone is really innovative? These days, this question is on a lot of people’s minds as they look to expand their team and bring in people who have capabilities that will drive them forward with innovation.

We’ve developed a comprehensive tool called Questions for Hiring Innovators that has over 60 questions you can use to get at key capabilities around innovation. Some of those are things like Strategic Imagination, Provocative Inquiry, Creative Problem Solving, Agility, and Resilience. The probing questions are asked in interesting and open-ended ways to show you how people think and solve problems. For example:

– You have 5 minutes with the CEO. What question would you ask to get him/her thinking differently about the business?

– You’ve solved a problem in a totally different way. Explain how you did it and what the result … Read More »