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Killer QuickWin: Wild Cards

1st May

Often, teams feel that by going to a contingency plan or Plan B, it’s bad. In fact, with innovation things rarely go to plan, so being able to teach your teams to plan for change is probably the best thing you can do. One technique that we use with companies is called Wild Cards. It helps them prepare for change by thinking in more creative ways. Here’s how it works:

Get everybody together and give them a similar aspirational challenge. For example, what if we had to be the most innovative product team, or service team, or company in the next 12 months? We have unlimited funds, timing, resources… how would we do it? Let them brainstorm, give them 10 minutes. But at 7 minutes, stop them, catch them off-guard and call “Wild Card.” You can do this verbally or you … Read More »